BC101111 – Issue 3

BC101111 – Issue 3

November 2010

New Board Register and Registration Renewals

The Board recently implemented a new database, which is more extensive in terms of the data that can be maintained and the links that can be created between the data. The renewal forms for the 2011 registration year were produced and printed from the new database and posted on Friday 8 October 2010.

The renewal form remains similar to last year with some minor amendments to assist with simplification and align with the features of the new database. Last year there were multiple forms printed on different coloured paper for each type of registration eg Associate, Graduate, and Surveyor with or without endorsements. This year there is one form and the new database determines based on the registration type, what is required on the renewal form.

The data conversion process from the old to the new database has identified some data integrity issues and gaps in the Board’s records. For this reason this year there is an additional information form that has been sent with the renewal forms and registrants are requested to complete and return the additional information form to the Board with their renewal forms.

Please complete the renewal and additional information forms and return them to the Board office before the due date for lodgement of 30 November 2010. If you have not received your renewal form please contact the Board so as a duplicate copy can be forwarded to you.

Renewals received after 30 November 2010 will attract a late fee.

Consulting Endorsements

In the May 2010 Board Communiqué information was provided about changes to Sections 36, 38, 45 & 46 of the Surveyors Act 2003. As a result of the amendments, corporations need to employ or have as an executive officer, a surveyor with a consulting endorsement, as well as any other endorsement that the corporation wishes to hold.

Corporations wishing to renew their registration at the end of this year will need to ensure that their “nominated person or persons” holds all the necessary endorsements, including a consulting endorsement.

Over the last couple of years a number of surveyors opted to relinquish their consulting endorsement when they were not able to meet the requirements of the then legislation. Under the new amendments some surveyors will need to renew their consulting endorsement in order for the corporation to renew its registration at the end of this year. The Board has agreed NOT to require those surveyors whose consulting endorsements lapsed after 26 August 2008 to undertake a further competency assessment with SIBA to renew their consulting endorsement. If the consulting endorsement lapsed before 26 August 2008, or the consulting endorsement was held solely by the corporation and not an individual surveyor, then it will be necessary to undertake a competency assessment with SIBA.

The requirements for a surveyor to renew a consulting endorsement lapsed before 26 August 2008 is:

  • Complete a competency assessment with SIBA
  • Make an application on form 8A
  • Provide copy of corporate letterhead
  • Provide documentary evidence of the corporations current PI insurance
  • Pay the applicable fees.

Registration Number

Last year when the 2010 renewals were issued all surveyors received a new registration number, which was listed on the renewal form in addition to the old legacy number. For the 2011 registration renewal only one registration number has been listed and this is the number that should be used on all documents and plans that require disclosure of a registration number. The old legacy registration number is no longer valid. Please refer to your renewal form for your new registration number.