Graduate Workshops

Thursday 4 June 2015

The Surveyors Board of Queensland intends to run a series of workshops in Brisbane and regional centres to assist in the writing of Career Episode Reports (CERs).  There will be no charge for these workshops.  The workshops will be held in June and July 2015 and will be scheduled based on demand and logistics.  The workshops will take 4 hours.

Please register your interest by return e-mail to as details of times and locations of workshops will only be communicated to the people who have registered an expression of interest.

Any surveyors interested in attending these workshops are requested to reply to this e-mail stating:

  • Name and registration status (associate, graduate, surveyor, surveyor with endorsement)
  • The field you are working in (Cadastral, Engineering, Mining or a combination)
  • One or two preferred locations (local area and closest regional centre)

The workshops will be aimed primarily at Surveying Graduates preparing initial CERs, follow up CERs or an Oral Presentation for Registration as a Surveyor.  Registered Surveyors, mentors and supervisors who offer advice to Surveying Graduates are welcome to attend the workshops or alternatively may prefer to be supplied with workshop documentation.

The workshops will address issues such as:

  • Interpretation of Competency Framework For Surveyor (SBQ-CF-0103 V5.00)
  • Assessors expectations regarding amount of documentary evidence to be provided
  • Writing CERs
  • Supplying additional information after assessments.
  • Preparing the Executive Summary

Attendees will be asked to prepare 1 or 2 draft CERs to work on in the workshops.  A page or so of dot points referring to a recent job undertaken at work will be sufficient.

Kind Regards

Stephen Steggall
Training Advocate