Graduates – GNSS and Evidence of Progression

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Surveying Graduates – GNSS equipment and software access 

The Board is aware that not all surveying graduates have access to GNSS equipment and software and are facing delays in satisfying the competency requirements against the surveyor competency framework.

Three surveying equipment suppliers,

  • Leica – CR Kennedy
  • Trimble – UPG
  • Topcon – Position Partners

have offered to supply GNSS equipment and software to surveying graduates who do not have access to equipment, for the sole purpose of assisting graduates to undertake projects for their registration as surveyors and demonstrate competency against the surveyor competency framework. The loan of equipment will be on “when available” basis and software will be on a restricted time basis.

In the first instance, surveying graduates should contact the Board’s Training Advocate prior to organising the equipment and software through their preferred supplier. It is critical to ensure that the proposed network is suitable to satisfy the Board requirements and SP1 specifications for static or fast static as the equipment will only be offered on a limited basis per surveying graduate.

The Board’s Training Advocate will provide the relevant contact details for suppliers and a letter confirming surveying graduate status and that the person is currently in the process of demonstrating surveyor competency.

Please contact the Training Advocate, Steve Steggall – if you need to utilise this opportunity to access GNSS equipment and software.

Surveying Graduates – Evidence of progression

The Board takes this opportunity to remind all surveying graduates of the requirement to demonstrate progression toward surveyor registration by 30 September 2016.

The following applies depending on the number of years of registration;

  • In the first year of registration there is no formal requirement for a Postgraduate Training Plan (PTP).
  • After the first renewal of registration there is a requirement to develop a PTP documenting skills developed to date, and setting out a proposed schedule of future development. Your PTP must be submitted to the Board by 30 September of that year.
  • After two (2) years of registration, surveying graduates will either commence the oral presentation process (via approval of an application supported by an executive summary) or commence progressive submission of CERs.
  • Thereafter, if an application for an oral presentation has not been accepted, there is a minimum requirement of continuing to lodge CERs each year plus lodge an updated PTP.

Surveying graduates who have not commenced submitting CERs after three years of registration and do not intend to progress should consider applying for registration as a surveying associate.