Progression to Surveyor Registration Workshops

As previously communicated, the Board has recently introduced a new Progression to Surveyor Policy.  The policy has been uploaded onto the Board website – a link is also provided below.

Progression to Surveyor Policy

The main purpose of this policy is to describe how Surveying Graduates and Surveying Associates progress to Surveyor registration.  Surveying Graduates and Surveying Associates can opt to demonstrate competency via:

  • Progressive assessment (over a 5-year period) via career episode reports (CER); or
  • Oral presentation

As a result of introducing the policy, the Board believes that there will be a high demand in 2024 for Surveying Graduates seeking to finalise Surveyor Registration.  To assist in meeting the elevated surveying labour demand in the next decade the Board is very keen to ensure that the progression of Surveying Graduates to Surveyor registration is achieved in an efficient and timely manner.

In 2024 the Board’s training advocate, Stephen Steggall, will be conducting a range of activities that will assist Surveying Graduates in their progression to Surveyor registration.  These activities will include:

  • Workshops (1 hour) conducted on-line focusing on a range of topics, eg. GNSS, volumes;
  • Full day / Half Day workshops conducted at various regional locations face-to-face focusing on finalising progressive CERs; and
  • On request, workshops conducted on site at medium to large size surveying firms.
  • On request, on-line meetings between Training Advocate and supervisor/mentor.

The Board encourages all Surveying Graduates to attend the workshops.  In addition, the Board is keen to see supervisors/mentors of Surveying Graduates and Corporate training managers to attend these workshops so that they also have a clear understanding of the Board’s expectations. 

Steve will be sending out emails in the 3rd/4th week of Jan’ 24 to:

  • Surveying Graduates seeking expressions of interest for on-line, regional face to face and full day workshops.  Surveying Graduates are encouraged to share the email with their appointed Supervisor; and
  • Surveying corporations seeking expressions of interest for on-site face-to-face workshops.

Surveying Graduates (and supervisors/mentors of Surveying Graduates) who would like to obtain further advise on the Progression To Surveyor Policy can contact the Board’s Training Advocate, Steve Steggall (from 10 January 2024 onwards) on 0427 572 293 or or the Board’s office during business hours on (07) 3839 7744.