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The following Publications and Resources are provided in PDF format, to download, save and print. These documents can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please note: If you are applying to be a Surveying Associate, Surveying Graduate or for Reciprocal Registration, you will need to provide two (2) recent character references with your application.

The two character references must meet the following criteria:

  • are to be written by people who have known you for a period of at least two (2) years;
  • are not to be written and signed by a relative;
  • only one reference from your current employer will be accepted; and
  • duplicated references signed by different people will not be accepted.

Please be advised that applications for consulting endorsements and for new corporate registrations are required to be tabled for approval at Board Meetings. Please see the Board Meetings dates for 2020 here.

Application for Registration Forms

SACA – Surveying Associate Competency Assessment
(120 KB Word)

01A – Application for Surveying Associate
(78 KB PDF)

02A – Application for Surveying Graduate
(78 KB PDF)

03A – Application for Surveyor
(90 KB PDF)

04A – Application for Endorsement Only
(94 KB PDF)

05A – Application for Reciprocal Registration
(102 KB PDF)

06A – Application for Corporation
(131 KB PDF)

07A – Application for Emeritus
(98 KB PDF)

08A – Application for Consulting Endorsement
(90 KB PDF)

09A – Application for Competency – Surveyor
(78 KB PDF)

09B – Application for Competency – Endorsement
(78 KB PDF)

10A – Application for Restoration to the Register
(94 KB PDF)

22A – Assessment of Overseas Qualifications
(74 KB PDF)


ASIBA Assessment Guidelines – Consulting Endorsement
(20 KB PDF)

ASIBA Assessment Guidelines – Corporation Registration
(29 KB PDF)

17A – Application for Professional Assessment Project
(74 KB PDF)

18A – Notification for Change of Individual Registrant Details
(78 KB PDF)

18B – Notification for Change of Corporation Registration Details
(119 KB PDF)

19A – Replacement or Duplicate Registration Certificate
(82 KB PDF)

21A – Application for Letter of Accreditation
(135 KB PDF)

Renewal Forms – 2018

Online renewal forms are prepared and sent to each registered person via email.  Do not use the samples provided below – these are from previous years and are published to meet the requirements of the Statutory Instruments Act.  These renewals are due by 30th November each year.  If you have not received your renewal form, please contact the Board on 07 3839 7744, or send a request via email to

Renewal of Registration – Surveyor

Renewal of Registration – Corporation

The following information is provided to advise of the introduction and applicability of Project Bank Accounts for building work which may include survey related work.


In 2017, the Queensland Government introduced a suite of reforms to the building and construction industry through the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (the BIF Act). As part of these reforms, Project Bank Accounts (PBAs) were introduced to safeguard progress payments, protect retention monies and allow for more timely payments to subcontractors.

Which projects require a Project Bank Account?

For Phase 1, which commenced on 1 March 2018, PBAs will apply to contractors and consultants where:

  1. the Queensland Government is the Principal under the contract;
  2. the contract value is between $1 million and $10 million (incl. GST);
  3. at least one subconsultant is engaged under the head contract; AND
  4. more than 50% of the contract price is for ‘building work’ (see details of ‘building work’ below).

Building work under the BIF Act (s8) includes:

  • the preparation of plans or specifications for the performance of building work;
  • work performed by architects, engineers, and surveyors to the extent the work relates to other building work;
  • contract administration carried out in relation to the construction of a building designed by a person; and
  • any site work related to building work (as defined under the Act).

If a consultancy contract meets these requirements, the consultant will be required to establish a PBA and meet all the obligations of a head contractor under Chapter 2 – Project Bank Accounts – of the BIF Act.

Building Work – Exclusion

Please note: civil, engineering and infrastructure projects such as bridges, roads and tunnels and public transport infrastructure (such as busways, roads, and railways) are not ‘building work’ for PBA purposes. (Therefore, the PBA requirements also do not apply to architectural, engineering, design, planning or site work associated with these construction activities).

What is a Project Bank Account?

A PBA is a set of three trust accounts where funds are held in trust until payments are due. If a PBA is required for a consultancy contract, all subconsultants engaged MUST be paid only from the PBA. The consultant and subconsultants are beneficiaries of the three trust accounts and, in events such as insolvency, the PBA accounts secure the progress payments, amounts in dispute and retention monies until they are due to be paid out.

Information Sessions

The Department of Housing and Public Works is implementing PBAs throughout Queensland. In Phase 1, contracts with Queensland Government departments could require a PBA to be set up if several further criteria or thresholds are met. In Phase 2, expected to commence in 2019, all contracts over $1 million (including consultancy contracts) with local governments, statutory bodies, and the private sector will also be included.

The Department of Housing and Public Works is currently providing information sessions to head contractors and consultants (architects, engineers, surveyors, project managers) in urban and regional areas.  The Department has offered to provide a tailored information session for surveyors.

If you would like to attend an information session please email the Board office

2 March 2018

Registration Issues

The Board has received requests from employers to issue registration renewals direct to the employer instead of the individual registrant, and in some cases to reissue the tax invoice in the name of the employer.

The Board’s responsibility is linked to the registrant and to maintain the required statutory information for each registrant. The Board readily accepts that some employers pay fees for their staff. However, this is an arrangement between the employer and their staff.  It is the registrant’s responsibility to complete and lodge any forms and pay the prescribed fee.

Some employers have also requested that, for new registration applications or applications for competency assessment, the Board issue a tax invoice to the employer before they will pay the prescribed fee. The Board has to comply with the legislative requirements of the Surveyors Act 2003 (the Act) and an application for initial registration must be on the approved form and accompanied by the application and registration fees per s 45(1) of the Act. For a competency assessment application, s 44(2) of the Act states an application must be made and accompanied by the assessment fee.

The Board takes this opportunity to advise that the Board has a responsibility to deal directly with each individual registrant for all matters relating to registration and that:

  • any tax invoices issued by the Board will be issued to and in the name of the individual registrant;
  • when the requirements for renewal of registration have been met, an email is sent to the registrant confirming finalisation of the renewal and receipt of the prescribed fee;
  • if the employer has an arrangement with staff to pay Board fees on behalf of the employee, this is a matter between the employer and the employee;
  • applications to the Board must be accompanied by the fee prescribed under the Act;
  • a registrant’s application is not complete unless the prescribed fee has been paid. The application will not be processed until the payment is received and any other requirements are met;
  • the Board will not receive an application and then prepare and forward a tax invoice for the applicable fees to either the individual registrant or the nominated employer;
  • all Board fees are disclosed on the Board website and can be determined at the time of preparing and lodging the application with the Board; and
  • the majority of board fees are exempt from GST.

Restoration Policy

At the February 2018 Board meeting, the Board agreed to amend the Restoration Policy to include the consulting endorsement. The Board will permit a surveyor who previously held a consulting endorsement to seek restoration of the endorsement within a two-year period since the endorsement lapsed.

Surveying Associate

A person can apply for surveying associate registration if:

A person can provide evidence of competency by submitting a Surveying Associate Competency Assessment (SACA).

The following SACA was submitted for registration as a surveying associate and was selected by the Board as a well-documented example.

The applicant should gather a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates competency in each of the descriptors of the Surveying Associate Competency Framework. The portfolio of evidence may include copies of plans, sketches, photos, printouts, field notes, QA forms etc.

The applicant will record the company job reference and supporting documentation references in the SACA document. Formal documentary evidence is not required to be submitted with the SACA form however, the Board may request documentary evidence to be supplied.

A supervisor/mentor who is a Registered Surveyor assesses the applicant with reference to the descriptors of the Surveying Associate Competency Framework (SBQ-CF-0101) based on the evidence provided. This assessment can be completed progressively or on completion of the portfolio of evidence. The results of the assessment are to be recorded on the SACA.

The Registered Surveyor is required to certify that the applicant has demonstrated competency in all elements of the framework. It should be noted that some elements of the framework require applicants to be able to carry out work under direct supervision rather than independently. The assessment for competency of a Surveying Associate is an important role that should not be undertaken lightly by the Registered Surveyor carrying out the assessment. For more details refer to the SACA assessment form.


SACA Application Process

The applicant is required to submit an application for Registration as a Surveying Associate (using Form 01A) within 12 months of the SACA assessment being completed.


Competency Assessment by Oral presentation

This paper sets out the requirements for an applicant with sufficient experience to use the oral presentation process as an alternative to preparing the conventional Career Episode Reports (CERs) when making application to the Board for registration as a surveyor or for an endorsement other than consulting.

The Surveyors Act is not specific about how a person’s competence is assessed against the competency framework (see Section 43) and the Board has adopted the following in an effort to shorten the registration process (in specific cases) for applicants with the appropriate experience and competence.

The applicant would be expected to demonstrate they have:

  • a number of years of experience;
  • the relevant experience to cover all elements and descriptors of the framework; and
  • sufficient project examples that are suitable for demonstrating competency in the complete framework.


Process Details

Following are the details of the process and how it is implemented and managed.

  1. This process will be able to be used for assessment against the Competency Framework for registration as a surveyor and for all endorsements except consulting by successful applicants for the process. Applicants for endorsements will still be required to complete a Professional Assessment Project (PAP) and will also be subject to a final Board interview. Applicants for registration as a surveyor will not be required to do a PAP and their registration interview will be done as part of their oral assessment.


  1. The applicant must make an application to the Board, to be accepted for the process. The applicant is required to demonstrate that they have sufficient experience and the appropriate project examples to satisfy assessment of all units, elements and descriptors of the Competency Framework.  The application will include:
  • Application form (Form 09A)
  • Application fee and assessment fee
  • Detailed resume
  • Executive summary (Brief description of projects to be used for presentation, appropriately referenced to the relevant Competency Framework).


  1. On acceptance by the Board, the applicant can proceed to prepare their presentation. The applicant will be provided with a presentation date, usually the day before board meetings which are held at six (6) weekly intervals. Alternative assessment dates may be available at the discretion of the Board.
  2. The applicant is required to submit three hard copies of their presentation, supporting documentation and Executive Summary (mapping the evidence against the relevant Competency Framework) to the board at least 4 weeks prior to the assessment date. Also include a CD or USB with a soft copy of your documentation and presentation material as a backup. The panel will review the material prior to the presentation and may require the candidate to prepare additional information or decide to postpone the presentation to a later date.
  3. Interview panels for the presentation, will consist of two people, one Board Member and one other, who has an endorsement relevant to the application. The panel interview will take approximately 2 hours, with the applicant presenting for a maximum of 30 minutes, after which the panel will discuss with the applicant the information presented, and may request further explanation of certain aspects of their work. The discussion may take up to one and a half hours.
  4. The presentation will allow the applicant to demonstrate their competence over all the descriptors of the relevant Competency Framework by reference to projects carried out by the applicant. Evidence of the applicant’s involvement in the projects discussed MUST form part of their presentation. A laptop computer and projector will be made available for candidates intending to use PowerPoint or other forms of electronic presentation.
  5. The panel will determine one of the following outcomes:
    1. Where the panel considers the information presented to be satisfactory, the applicant is advised that they meet the requirements for registration (if registration as a surveyor is being sought);
    2. where  there  are  minor  shortcomings  identified, require the applicant to provide further information for the panel to make a determination;
    3. where there are significant shortcomings identified, require the applicant to complete the CER process, or a modified version thereof (for example, provide CERs that fully address the descriptors of the framework nominated by the panel).


  1. Where minor shortcomings are identified the applicant will be given a specified time frame to submit any further information, usually 1 month, 3 months or 6 months depending on the complexity of the material requested. If the requested material is not submitted in the required timeframe the applicant will be required to:
    1. Submit CERs to satisfy all descriptors of the framework that have not been assessed as being completed. The descriptors will have to be addressed in full within the CERs, not just providing the information previously requested.
    2. The applicant may be required to undertake another interview (registration interview) once all the CERs have been successfully addressed.
  1. The applicant and assessors will be provided with a progress statement outlining which descriptors have been successfully demonstrated and those that have not if the oral assessment is not successfully completed at the Oral Interview stage

Individual Registration Renewal

All registrants are required to renew their registration on a yearly basis. Renewal applications are forwarded by email to the last known email address of a registrant in late October or early November of each year.  Renewal applications are required to be completed and lodged with the Board by 30 November of each year.  Registration expires on 31 December of each year.  It is the responsibility of the registrant to lodge their application for renewal. Registrants are also responsible for advising the Board of any change of address or other details relating to their registration.

Registration renewals for 2022 were sent to all registrants via email on 1 November 2021. If you have not received your renewal email, please call the Board office on (07) 3839 7744.

The Surveyors Act 2003 requires the Board to assess competence for the renewal of registration each year. All registrants are required to self-certify that they have maintained their competency and a random selection of 10% of registrants is selected to provide documentary evidence of their competency to the Board via a Career Episode Report (CER). If a registrant is selected to complete a CER, their renewal application will not be processed by the Board until the CER is lodged and successfully assessed.

The renewal application process is automated and registrants are no longer required to sign the declaration listed on the application for renewal. Completing the online renewal form is deemed to represent signing the declaration listed on the renewal form.

To apply for renewal of registration each applicant is to:

  • complete and submit the application form, accessible via the link sent to you via email and ensure all details are current; and
  • pay the renewal fee listed on the invoice.

Application forms will not be completed by Board staff.

Applications received after 30 November of each year incur a late fee. The registration of registrants who have not applied for renewal of registration by 31 December of each year will lapse.

For further information about renewals please refer to the Board Renewal of Registration Policy.

Assessment Policy

The Surveyors Act 2003 stipulates that the Board may register a person if the person:

(a)   has been assessed as having the competency relevant to the particular registration or endorsement; and

(b)   is a suitable person.

The basis for assessment of competency is the relevant competency framework approved by the Board and published on the Board’s website.

The competency framework specifies the required qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience for a registration or endorsement.

This policy deals with matters related to registration in the following categories:

  • registration as a surveying graduate
  • registration as a surveyor
  • cadastral endorsement on the surveyor registration
  • mining or engineering endorsement on the surveyor registration
  • consulting endorsement on the surveyor registration
  • registration as a surveying associate.

Refer to the document Competency Assessment and Registration Policy for details on the Boards policy on competency assessment and registration.

Competency Assessment – General

A person’s competency can be assessed by the Board, or by an entity accredited by the Board.

Where a person seeks to have their competency assessed by the Board, they must provide evidence that they satisfy the units, elements and descriptors of the relevant competency framework. This evidence can be in one of the following forms:

(a)   written Career Episode Reports (CERs). The applicant can submit evidence progressively for assessment, or can submit evidence pertaining to all units at once. Evidence submitted progressively must comply with the Board’s required process as set out in the document Progressive Assessment of Competency – Procedure ; or

(b)   an oral presentation to an assessment panel convened by the Board. The applicant will be given time to give a presentation describing how the applicant meets all units of the relevant competency framework. Applicants must comply with the Board’s required process as set out in the document Competency Assessment by Oral Presentation – Procedure.

An applicant whose competency has been assessed by the Board, for registration as a surveyor or for a registration endorsement, will be interviewed by the Board prior to the Board making a decision regarding the application for registration or endorsement, to confirm elements of the competency assessment and to assist the Board in assessing whether the applicant is a “suitable person” for registration. Where the person has their competency assessed through an oral presentation, the interview will be incorporated in the oral assessment.

An applicant for registration or a registration endorsement who has been granted a certificate of competency by an accredited entity may be interviewed by the Board prior to the Board making a decision regarding the application for registration or endorsement, to confirm elements of the competency assessment and to assist the Board in assessing whether the applicant is a “suitable person” for registration.

Thursday 4th September 2014

Renewal of Registration Process

New Surveying Regulations

Form 18 Version 4

Cadastral Survey requirements version 6

Cadastral Survey requirements version 7 (consultant draft)


Renewal of Registration Process

The Board will introduce a new electronic registration system for the 2015 registration renewals. Registration renewal forms will no longer be printed or posted.

What you will receive

  • An email with a Microsoft Word attachment containing all your required renewal documents, prefilled with your details from the Board’s database. The attachment includes the Tax invoice.

What you need to do

  • Open the document and complete any amendments
  • Save the attachment to your computer
  • Email the amended attachment in Word Format (.doc) to the Board, keeping a copy for yourself
  • Your return email with the form is taken to be your certification – no signature is required
  • Pay your fees via BPAY or EFT, with BPAY the preferred option (note that the BPAY reference will be different to last year).  Do not insert your credit card number on the renewal form – we cannot accept payment in this way. Use BPAY if you wish to pay by credit card.

What we will do

  • If the form is properly completed and the correct fees paid, we will process the renewal.
  • The system will advise us if the email address we used is not valid. If this occurs we will contact you by phone.
  • If you have not renewed within two weeks of the due date we will send a courtesy email.

To ensure the above process runs smoothly, please advise the Board office of any changes to your details especially your email address and mobile phone number.

New Surveying Regulations and Form 18

The attached Survey Alert was distributed by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines. As there are a limited number of surveyors who subscribe to the Alert distribution list, the Board is sending it to all registered persons.

If you wish to receive survey alerts in the future, you need to subscribe to the Vision 6 system using this link

New Surveying Regulations & Form 18
28 August 2014   Issue 10

New Surveying Regulations

The regulations under Queensland surveying legislation have been replaced.

The Surveyors Regulation 2014 and the Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Regulation 2014 commenced on 22 August 2014. The previous regulations were repealed on the same date.

There are no significant changes to the content of the regulations. However the numbering of corresponding sections may be different.

The immediate consequences of the new regulations are as follows.

Form 18 version 4

There is a new version of Form 18 for use on compiled plans. The new version of the form refers to Section 16 of the Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Regulation 2014 instead of Section 17 of the Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Regulation 2004. The new version of the form will be on the department’s website shortly.

Wherever it is practical, the new version of the form should be used. The department will accept plans signed using Form 18 version 3, for plans certified before 1 December 2014.

Cadastral survey requirements Version 6

The Cadastral Survey Requirements Version 6 (CSR) contains references to the Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Regulation 2004. The table below shows the section in the new regulation that corresponds to each reference in the CSR. The CSR should be read as referring to these new sections.

CSR v 6 Section SMI Reg 2004
section reference
SMI Reg 2014
section reference
3.4.1      Certificates on plans 18 16
3.6          Areas 17 16
3.9.2      Form 18 – Form 18 examples
17 16
New version of form
3.11       Compiled plans 16 – 18
16 and 17
15 & 16
15 and 16
3.16       Curved boundaries 10  9
3.20       Encroachment 18 and 19
19 (in encroachment notice note)
17 and 18
3.22       Marking Part 4
9, 14, 15 & 17
3.28       Profit a prendre 17 16
3.35       Survey records 22(1) 21(1)
4.2.7      Boundary location criteria SMI Reg 2004 (by implication Part 5) SMI Reg 2014 Part 5
4.6          Tidal boundaries Part 4 Part 4
4.13       Reporting requirements for surveys 18 and 19 17 and 18
9.7          Buildings and other improvements on or near a boundary 18 and 19 17 and 18
9.16.2    Corner marks Part 4 9, 14, 15 & 17
9.16.6    Original reference marks and occupation 18 17
9.39       Original dimensions 17 16

Cadastral survey requirements Version 7 (Consultation draft)

Public consultation prior to the making of the new regulations identified a number of issues for consideration. Many of these issues are being addressed through proposed changes to the Cadastral Survey Requirements. A consultation draft including the proposed changes will be released at the QCON14 conference in Cairns in October.


Friday 9th January 2014

Summary of Board Communique – Form 16 – who is a competent person under the Building Act 1975 and Regulations.

2014 Renewal of Registration update.

Surveying Graduates  and Post-graduate Training Plans

Surveying Graduate workshops regarding demonstrating your competency against the surveyor framework.

Form 16 – Inspection Certificate under the Building Act 1975 

This form is to be completed by a building certifier or competent person for the aspect being certified. The Board has noted that in general a building certifier can make their own decision about who is a competent person. However, if the certification is in relation to a boundary clearance then the competent person must be a cadastral surveyor per S18A(1) of the Building Regulation 2006.

The Board takes this opportunity to ensure all registrants are aware of the definition of a competent person and that if certification is required for a building offset from a boundary then this certification per the Form 16 can only be provided by a registered cadastral surveyor.

Renewal of Registration

If you have not received correspondence confirming your registration renewal for 2014 please contact the Board office in order to finalise your registration renewal.

Registration automatically lapses at 31 December of each year if renewal forms are not lodged with the appropriate fees.  Payment of the prescribed fee without completion and lodgement of the renewal forms is deemed an incomplete application.  The Board has emailed all registrants who had not paid the prescribed fee or lodged renewal forms by 30 November 2013. Late fees are now applicable for renewal of registration.

For those who have not renewed their 2014 registration you are reminded that the performance of cadastral survey work without registration may represent a breach of the Surveyors Act 2003.

Surveying Graduates – Postgraduate Training Plans

The majority of Surveying Graduates have submitted their postgraduate training plan (PTP).  A number of PTP’s remain outstanding and Surveying Graduate renewal of registration cannot be completed until a satisfactory PTP is lodged with the Board.

Surveying Graduates are welcome to contact the Board’s Training Advocate if they need guidance on how to complete a PTP.

Surveying Graduate Training Workshops

December 2013, the Board advised of Surveying Graduates workshops to outline the process to demonstrate competency against the Surveyor competency framework. The first series of these workshops will be held in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in January 2014. These workshops will be run by the Board’s Training Advocate, Mr Stephen Steggall and will have about eight delegates per workshop.   Further workshops will be arranged for regional centres early in 2014.

The free workshops will address issues such as:

  • Process required to progress to registration as Surveyor
  • Interpretation of Competency Framework For Surveyor (SBQ-CF-0103 V5.00)
  • Assessors expectations regarding amount of evidence to be provided
  • Format of CERs
  • Format of Executive Summary

Any graduates interested in attending these workshops should e-mail the Training Advocate ( stating:

  • Name and year of graduation
  • One or two preferred locations (local area and closest regional centre)

Preferred day and time of workshop (e.g. Saturday Morning, Thursday afternoon etc). The workshops will last between 4 hrs – 6 hrs.



Surveyors Board of Queensland Open Data Strategy


The Surveyors Board of Queensland administers the Surveyors Act 2003 on behalf of the Minister for Natural Resources and Mines.

The Board’s objectives are to provide protection of the public and to maintain the standard of practice of surveyors in Queensland by administering the competency, registration and professional conduct requirements.

Strategic Overview

The types of information held by the Board include:

Data Set Name

  • List of Registered Persons


  • Board Minutes
  • Competency frameworks for registration
  • Code of Practice
  • Complaints procedure
  • Policies & Guidelines
  • Annual Reports
  • Communiques
  • Registration Forms

Note: All of the above records, except the Board Minutes, are available on the Board’s website.

Data Sets

The Board has assessed its data and plans to release one data set.

Dataset Name Description Frequency of Update
Registered Persons Current list of persons registered by the Board, including registration categories and location Approximately 6-weekly

List as of 25th July 2019

Registered Surveyors
Registered Corporations