Surveying Associate

A person can apply for surveying associate registration if:

A person can provide evidence of competency by submitting a Surveying Associate Competency Assessment (SACA).

The following SACA was submitted for registration as a surveying associate and was selected by the Board as a well-documented example.

The applicant should gather a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates competency in each of the descriptors of the Surveying Associate Competency Framework. The portfolio of evidence may include copies of plans, sketches, photos, printouts, field notes, QA forms etc.

The applicant will record the company job reference and supporting documentation references in the SACA document. Formal documentary evidence is not required to be submitted with the SACA form however, the Board may request documentary evidence to be supplied.

A supervisor/mentor who is a Registered Surveyor assesses the applicant with reference to the descriptors of the Surveying Associate Competency Framework (SBQ-CF-0101) based on the evidence provided. This assessment can be completed progressively or on completion of the portfolio of evidence. The results of the assessment are to be recorded on the SACA.

The Registered Surveyor is required to certify that the applicant has demonstrated competency in all elements of the framework. It should be noted that some elements of the framework require applicants to be able to carry out work under direct supervision rather than independently. The assessment for competency of a Surveying Associate is an important role that should not be undertaken lightly by the Registered Surveyor carrying out the assessment. For more details refer to the SACA assessment form.

SACA Application Process

The applicant is required to submit an application for Registration as a Surveying Associate (using Form 01A) within 12 months of the SACA assessment being completed.