Reciprocal Registration

Reciprocal arrangements are in place for cadastral surveyors within Australia and New Zealand.  The Surveyors Board of Queensland also has reciprocal arrangements in place for mine surveyors registered in New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.

Surveyors who are registered in other jurisdictions and are wishing to obtain their registration in Queensland must;

  1. seek a Letter of Accreditation from their current registration authority. Fees may apply for this service
  2. apply for reciprocal registration with the Surveyors Board of Queensland, you are required to complete an application form (05A – Reciprocal Registration)
  3. submit two character references that have been completed within the past twelve months by people who have known you for at least two years
  4. pay the prescribed fee
  5. attend an interview, either in person or via telephone, with a Board Member.  The main purpose of the interview is to point out the legislation requirements specific to Queensland for both cadastral and mining endorsements.  Surveyor Awareness Information Sheet – Mining

For further application and registration fee information please contact the Board office on telephone number (07) 3839 7744.