What is a Career Episode Report (CER)?

(For Renewal of Registration)

A CER is a brief narrative no longer than four (4) pages that should focus on and address the following;

  • how a specific task was completed,
  • the process followed,
  • the judgements made,
  • the results and outcomes achieved and,
  • have relevant supporting documents and evidence attached.

A CER is a structured document that allows surveyors to show how they are applying their professional and technical competencies in their day to day work. It is a description of any project or period of work that highlights their professional qualities and skills. A CER is about a task you have completed within the past two years of the date of renewal, or a time period at the discretion of the Board. A CER is not a description of how you would complete a job and nor is it a report or summary of work performed by someone else even if that person was being supervised by you. To satisfy the requirements of the Surveyors Act 2003 a CER must be linked to the competency framework applicable to the surveyor’s level of registration.

Why is a CER Necessary?

The Surveyors Act 2003 requires the Board to establish competency frameworks appropriate for the qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience for each level of registration.  The Act also requires the Board to assess competence for the renewal of registration each year.

As part of the renewal of registration process all registrants are required to self-certify that they have maintained their competency. Each year, a random selection of 10% of registrants (except  Surveying Graduates) is required to provide documentary evidence of their competency to the Board. This is achieved by submission of a CER which is assessed by a Board appointed assessor.

Once a CER is satisfactorily completed a registrant is excluded from the random selection process for the next two years.

What should a CER Contain?

A CER must address the units and elements within the respective competency framework.  A CER does not have to address every descriptor within an element. The CER should contain enough detail to demonstrate to the Assessor the actions considered by the surveyor and the process and methodology applied to complete the task including reference to quality assurance procedures.

The CER should be mapped against the competency framework elements. This is achieved by recording in the margin the element numbers against the description of work performed, (see the example CER). The CER should be signed and dated by the registrant.

For renewal of registration purposes the registrant is required to select and demonstrate competency in two units from the relevant competency framework as outlined below.

Surveyor Classification Applicable Competency Framework No of Units to complete from the relevant Framework
Registered Surveying Associate Associate Framework 2
Registered Surveyor Surveyor Framework 2

A registered surveyor with an endorsement is required to complete an additional element for each endorsement held.  If multiple endorsements are held, then an additional element per endorsement is required. No additional unit or element is required to be completed for a consulting endorsement.

Surveyor Classification Applicable Competency Framework No. of Units to complete from the Surveyor Framework Additional Elements from Endorsement Frameworks
Registered Surveyor with a Cadastral Endorsement Cadastral Framework 2 1
Registered Surveyor with an Engineering Endorsement Engineering Framework 2 1
Registered Surveyor with a Mining Endorsement Mining Frameworks being UC, UM or O 2 1 per each mining endorsement