Competency Assessment by Oral presentation

This paper sets out the requirements for an applicant with sufficient experience to use the oral presentation process as an alternative to preparing the conventional Career Episode Reports (CERs) when making application to the Board for registration as a surveyor or for an endorsement other than consulting.

The Surveyors Act is not specific about how a person’s competence is assessed against the competency framework (see Section 43) and the Board has adopted the following in an effort to shorten the registration process (in specific cases) for applicants with the appropriate experience and competence.

The applicant would be expected to demonstrate they have:

  • a number of years of experience;
  • the relevant experience to cover all elements and descriptors of the framework; and
  • sufficient project examples that are suitable for demonstrating competency in the complete framework.


Process Details

Following are the details of the process and how it is implemented and managed.

  1. This process will be able to be used for assessment against the Competency Framework for registration as a surveyor and for all endorsements except consulting by successful applicants for the process. Applicants for endorsements will still be required to complete a Professional Assessment Project (PAP) and will also be subject to a final Board interview. Applicants for registration as a surveyor will not be required to do a PAP and their registration interview will be done as part of their oral assessment.


  1. The applicant must make an application to the Board, to be accepted for the process. The applicant is required to demonstrate that they have sufficient experience and the appropriate project examples to satisfy assessment of all units, elements and descriptors of the Competency Framework.  The application will include:
  • Application form (Form 09A)
  • Application fee and assessment fee
  • Detailed resume
  • Executive summary (Brief description of projects to be used for presentation, appropriately referenced to the relevant Competency Framework).


  1. On acceptance by the Board, the applicant can proceed to prepare their presentation. The applicant will be provided with a presentation date, usually the day before board meetings which are held at six (6) weekly intervals. Alternative assessment dates may be available at the discretion of the Board.
  2. The applicant is required to submit three hard copies of their presentation, supporting documentation and Executive Summary (mapping the evidence against the relevant Competency Framework) to the board at least 4 weeks prior to the assessment date. Also include a CD or USB with a soft copy of your documentation and presentation material as a backup. The panel will review the material prior to the presentation and may require the candidate to prepare additional information or decide to postpone the presentation to a later date.
  3. Interview panels for the presentation, will consist of two people, one Board Member and one other, who has an endorsement relevant to the application. The panel interview will take approximately 2 hours, with the applicant presenting for a maximum of 30 minutes, after which the panel will discuss with the applicant the information presented, and may request further explanation of certain aspects of their work. The discussion may take up to one and a half hours.
  4. The presentation will allow the applicant to demonstrate their competence over all the descriptors of the relevant Competency Framework by reference to projects carried out by the applicant. Evidence of the applicant’s involvement in the projects discussed MUST form part of their presentation. A laptop computer and projector will be made available for candidates intending to use PowerPoint or other forms of electronic presentation.
  5. The panel will determine one of the following outcomes:
    1. Where the panel considers the information presented to be satisfactory, the applicant is advised that they meet the requirements for registration (if registration as a surveyor is being sought);
    2. where  there  are  minor  shortcomings  identified, require the applicant to provide further information for the panel to make a determination;
    3. where there are significant shortcomings identified, require the applicant to complete the CER process, or a modified version thereof (for example, provide CERs that fully address the descriptors of the framework nominated by the panel).


  1. Where minor shortcomings are identified the applicant will be given a specified time frame to submit any further information, usually 1 month, 3 months or 6 months depending on the complexity of the material requested. If the requested material is not submitted in the required timeframe the applicant will be required to:
    1. Submit CERs to satisfy all descriptors of the framework that have not been assessed as being completed. The descriptors will have to be addressed in full within the CERs, not just providing the information previously requested.
    2. The applicant may be required to undertake another interview (registration interview) once all the CERs have been successfully addressed.
  1. The applicant and assessors will be provided with a progress statement outlining which descriptors have been successfully demonstrated and those that have not if the oral assessment is not successfully completed at the Oral Interview stage