Preparing Executive Summaries for Competency Assessment

CER Executive Summary

The executive summary should clearly relate each of the descriptors of the framework to the CER and supporting documentation provided. The executive summary will serve as a reference document for the assessor and an index for the applicant to ensure all descriptors have been addressed.

While an executive summary can be in any format, it is recommended that the standard format be used as it provides the direct link to the competency framework and will assist the assessor.

The standard format templates for the surveyor framework and endorsements are provided on the SBQ website.


Executive Summary Template

The Executive Summary templates provide the text from the relevant framework down the left hand side of the document.

The notes (in blue) are provided for guidance only and are not an official part of the framework. These notes also guide the assessors in their interpretation of the framework.

Each descriptor is required to be addressed for successful completion of the assessment.  The template provides a row for each descriptor.


Executive Summary Content

The amount of detail required in the executive summary is the applicant’s choice.


The Evidence Column is used to provide a reference to the CER where the descriptor is primarily addressed e.g. S2.1 (iii) directs the assessor to look at CER 1, Page 1, Paragraph 3 initially, then to also see CERs 3 and 4 if further evidence is required.

The Documents Column is used to list the supporting documentation and where to look in the appendix to find it. The applicant is required to supply supporting documentation but it needs to be concise and relevant. Adequate evidence may be able to be presented with an extracted few pages from 20 pages of field results in preference to the whole document.

Graduate Comments can be added at the discretion of the applicant. It is important to not introduce new material here that does not exist in the CER. Remember this is a summary of the CER and may or may not be used by the assessor.

The Assessors Comments Column may be used by the assessor to provide additional feedback on each element. The assessor may decide to use other formats for reporting the results and feedback to the applicant.


Oral Presentation Executive Summaries

The applicant for an oral presentation is required to provide an executive summary at the time of the initial application. This executive summary will be a preliminary document that will have to be updated once approval is granted to proceed with the oral assessment.

The preliminary executive summary is required to demonstrate to the Chief Examiner that the applicant has sufficient projects and evidence available to develop into an oral presentation covering the whole framework. It is suggested an extra page be added to the executive summary (following the cover page) or a separate document listing the jobs intended to be used during the presentation. Each job or project to be referred to in the oral presentation should be numbered and a short description (1 paragraph) provided for each project.

The evidence column of your executive summary can then be referenced back to each of your numbered projects.

The final executive summary is required to be submitted with all written material four (4) weeks prior to the presentation and is to be expanded on from the initial document. The executive summary will serve as a useful index during the question time of the presentation as questions can be asked about any subject in any order.