Guidelines to Develop an Oral Presentation

After Approval of the Application

After the application for an oral presentation has been approved both a written submission and documentary evidence have to be developed as does the formal oral presentation.

While an initial executive summary had been submitted with the application this will not be the final document as it will need to be updated as the presentation is developed and to align with the projects to be used to demonstrate competency in each of the elements of the framework.

On approval of the application the Board will advise the presentation date, usually the day before the 6 weekly board meetings. Alternative assessment dates may be available at the discretion of the Board.


Preparing Written Material

The applicant is required to prepare a written submission which should include project descriptions with documentary evidence to support the 30 minute oral presentation.

The written submission and portfolio of evidence are required to address all elements of the framework and should contain a description of the survey processes involved (similar to a career episode report (CER)) with supporting documentary evidence. The written submission will contain less detail than a CER as it will be supplemented by the oral presentation where processes can be discussed in detail. The supporting documentation will be sufficient to meet all the elements of the framework, and can be supplemented by oral explanation or soft copy files to be presented at the interview.

The executive summary should clearly relate each of the descriptors of the framework to the evidence and supporting documentation to be provided. This document will serve as both a reference document for the assessors and an index for the applicant during the question period.

Three (3) copies of the written material are required to be submitted to the Board four (4) weeks prior to the presentation date. The written submission should include the evidence and presentation slides along with 1 disk or USB holding the electronic presentation and documentary evidence. The written material should be organised in a manner that allows the assessors to easily review the material prior to the presentation (use folders that allow material to be removed, index tabs and appendixes where appropriate).


Delivering the Presentation

The presentation should aim to demonstrate to the panel that you have broad knowledge and skill in the use of the technology, have a clear understanding of the surveying and administrative processes and can deliver the content in an organised and structured manner.

The presentation should be practiced to ensure your content flows in the planned manner and can be delivered within the 30 minute time frame.


Panel Questions

The panel may request further explanation of aspects of your presentation including the extent of the applicant’s involvement in the projects.

The panel may accept oral explanation as evidence where the applicant has difficulty obtaining the original documentation. This will only be considered if the applicant can demonstrate that all reasonable attempts have been made to obtain the original documentation. The panel will make a judgement on whether the oral evidence is authentic, valid, current and sufficient.

The applicant will also be questioned on aspects of professional and ethical standards.