Steps to Surveyor Registration

Registration as a surveying graduate creates a responsibility to progress toward surveyor registration as skills and experience are gained.

Competency assessment is the means by which surveying graduates demonstrate the skills and knowledge they apply every day in the workplace. Surveying graduates, regardless of which field of surveying they are working in should have suitable examples from their work experience to successfully complete most of the surveyor competency framework.

Surveying graduates can opt to demonstrate competency via:

There is no requirement to complete a Professional Assessment Project (PAP) to become registered as a surveyor.

The steps to follow:

  1. Review the Surveyor Competency Framework and identify what projects provide the required skills and experience
  1. Collect evidence from workplace files which were identified in your postgraduate training plan
  1. Choose how you will demonstrate your competency – CERs or oral presentation
  1. Lodge an application for competency assessment
  1. Develop and submit career episode reports or prepare your oral presentation
  2. Undertake an interview with at least two Board members or representatives. For an oral presentation, the interview will be included within the presentation.


The Board has released a video outlining the options for Surveying Graduates to progress their registration.

The Board has also prepared a number of policies and documents to assist surveying graduates understand and work their way through the competency assessment process.  For more detail review Career Episode Reports or Oral Presentations.



Registration as a surveying graduate cannot continue indefinitely as there must be evidence actual progress is being made toward surveyor registration. Refer to Surveying Graduate –Progression requirements.

While the Board has not set a definitive timeframe within which a surveying graduate must progress to surveyor registration there is a requirement that the process to demonstrate surveyor competency will have commenced by the third year of registration and CERs submitted for assessment or an application made  and approved for an oral presentation.