Individual Registration Renewal

All registrants are required to renew their registration on a yearly basis. Renewal applications are forwarded by email to the last known email address of a registrant in late September or early October of each year.  Renewal applications are required to be completed and lodged with the Board by 30 November of each year.  Registration expires on 31 December of each year.  It is the responsibility of the registrant to lodge their application for renewal. Registrants are also responsible for advising the Board of any change of address or other details relating to their registration.

The Surveyors Act 2003 requires the Board to assess competence for the renewal of registration each year. All registrants are required to self-certify that they have maintained their competency and a random selection of 10% of registrants is selected to provide documentary evidence of their competency to the Board via a Career Episode Report (CER). If a registrant is selected to complete a CER, their renewal application will not be processed by the Board until the CER is lodged and successfully assessed.

The renewal application process is automated and registrants are no longer required to sign the declaration listed on the application for renewal. Returning the renewal form via email to the Board is deemed to represent signing the declaration listed on the renewal form.

To apply for renewal of registration each applicant is to:

  • complete and return the application form in Microsoft Word .doc file format via email after updating any change of details (do not send PFD documents); and
  • pay the renewal fee listed on the form.

Application forms will not be completed by Board staff.   Incomplete forms will be returned to the applicant for completion.

Applications received after 30 November of each year incur a late fee. The registration of registrants who have not applied for renewal of registration by 31 December of each year will lapse.

For further information about renewals please refer to the Board Renewal of Registration Policy.