Friday 9th January 2014

Friday 9th January 2014

Summary of Board Communique – Form 16 – who is a competent person under the Building Act 1975 and Regulations.

2014 Renewal of Registration update.

Surveying Graduates  and Post-graduate Training Plans

Surveying Graduate workshops regarding demonstrating your competency against the surveyor framework.

Form 16 – Inspection Certificate under the Building Act 1975 

This form is to be completed by a building certifier or competent person for the aspect being certified. The Board has noted that in general a building certifier can make their own decision about who is a competent person. However, if the certification is in relation to a boundary clearance then the competent person must be a cadastral surveyor per S18A(1) of the Building Regulation 2006.

The Board takes this opportunity to ensure all registrants are aware of the definition of a competent person and that if certification is required for a building offset from a boundary then this certification per the Form 16 can only be provided by a registered cadastral surveyor.

Renewal of Registration

If you have not received correspondence confirming your registration renewal for 2014 please contact the Board office in order to finalise your registration renewal.

Registration automatically lapses at 31 December of each year if renewal forms are not lodged with the appropriate fees.  Payment of the prescribed fee without completion and lodgement of the renewal forms is deemed an incomplete application.  The Board has emailed all registrants who had not paid the prescribed fee or lodged renewal forms by 30 November 2013. Late fees are now applicable for renewal of registration.

For those who have not renewed their 2014 registration you are reminded that the performance of cadastral survey work without registration may represent a breach of the Surveyors Act 2003.

Surveying Graduates – Postgraduate Training Plans

The majority of Surveying Graduates have submitted their postgraduate training plan (PTP).  A number of PTP’s remain outstanding and Surveying Graduate renewal of registration cannot be completed until a satisfactory PTP is lodged with the Board.

Surveying Graduates are welcome to contact the Board’s Training Advocate if they need guidance on how to complete a PTP.

Surveying Graduate Training Workshops

December 2013, the Board advised of Surveying Graduates workshops to outline the process to demonstrate competency against the Surveyor competency framework. The first series of these workshops will be held in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in January 2014. These workshops will be run by the Board’s Training Advocate, Mr Stephen Steggall and will have about eight delegates per workshop.   Further workshops will be arranged for regional centres early in 2014.

The free workshops will address issues such as:

  • Process required to progress to registration as Surveyor
  • Interpretation of Competency Framework For Surveyor (SBQ-CF-0103 V5.00)
  • Assessors expectations regarding amount of evidence to be provided
  • Format of CERs
  • Format of Executive Summary

Any graduates interested in attending these workshops should e-mail the Training Advocate ( stating:

  • Name and year of graduation
  • One or two preferred locations (local area and closest regional centre)

Preferred day and time of workshop (e.g. Saturday Morning, Thursday afternoon etc). The workshops will last between 4 hrs – 6 hrs.