Postgraduate Training Plan

The Surveying Graduate competency framework requires Surveying Graduates to develop a Postgraduate Training Plan (PTP) as evidence that they are gaining the professional skills and experience to meet the requirements of the Surveyor competency framework.

Purpose of a PTP

A PTP serves a number of purposes, as it will:

  1. assist recently qualified surveying graduates to identify and understand what day to day work tasks will enable them to demonstrate competency against the Surveyor framework;
  2. assist experienced Surveying Graduates to align their experience to the Surveyor framework; and
  3. provide evidence to the Board that progress is being made toward Surveyor registration. In its simplest form, a PTP is a career development plan which also documents career progress as professional skills and experience are gained.

PTP Format and Content

The PTP format and content will be dependent on the number of years experience a Surveying Graduate has. The initial plan for a new Surveying Graduate may only cover the first 6-12 months of their career.  As experience is gained the plan can be updated to incorporate what will be achieved in the second or subsequent years as further experience is gained.

While an experienced Surveying Graduate may opt for an oral presentation, they should still develop a PTP to ensure their work portfolio addresses all the units and elements within the surveyor framework and there are no gaps or shortfalls in their experience.

It is recommended that the PTP be developed with the Surveying Graduate’s supervisor and the following should be included:

  • some form of direct link to the units and elements of the Surveyor framework;
  • outline the work experience to be performed;
  • estimated timeframes when experience will be gained;
  • outline how competency will be demonstrated eg, progressive CERs;
  • clearly identify what has been assessed and what remains to be demonstrated; and
  • the name of the Surveying Graduate’s supervisor.

The Board has prepared the following to assist with the development of a PTP.

Preparing Postgraduate Training Plans

PTP Example

PTP Template