Competency Frameworks

The Surveyors Act 2003 requires the Board to develop and implement competency frameworks as the basis for registration. The first competency frameworks were developed in consultation with relevant surveying industry bodies and introduced in 2007. In 2013, the Board completed a review of the original competency frameworks and after consultation with relevant surveying industry bodies and the profession approved the release of updated competency frameworks in April 2013.

Applicants for registration are assessed against the competency framework appropriate to the registration that is sought. The respective competency frameworks outline the qualification and other skilled based requirements for registration.

Listed below are the competency frameworks for each level of registration. There is also an Overview Document which gives an applicant important information about the framework methodology and should be read first. The Applicant Handbook provides detailed information about the Competency Assessment process.

SBQ-CF-0101 – Surveying Associate Competency Framework
SBQ-CF-0102 – Surveying Graduate Competency Framework
SBQ-CF-0103 – Surveyor Competency Framework
SBQ-CF-0104 – Consulting Competency Framework
SBQ-CF-0105 – Engineering Competency Framework
SBQ-CF-0106 – Cadastral Competency Framework
SBQ-CF-0112 – Mining O Competency Framework
SBQ-CF-0113 – Mining UC Competency Framework
SBQ-CF-0114 – Mining UM Competency Framework