About our code of practice

The Surveyor’s role in the public interest poses several ethical obligations with regard to the exercise of professional duties. Clients and the public at large must be able to rely on the objectivity and integrity of the Surveyor in rendering professional opinions regarding spatial information and data. Professional Surveyors recognise that their ethical responsibilities extend to the public, to their clients and employers, to their peers, and to their employees. Accordingly, they acknowledge the need for integrity, independence, care, competence, and a sense of duty.

The Code of Practice for Surveyors provides benefits for consumers of spatial information including survey services specifically, and to the community in general. The record of surveys through the data depicting those surveys provides for public confidence in surveying and Surveyors. The Code of Practice for Surveyors may be supported by a range of technical standards and a level of directions and guidelines in support of the accepted rules governing the practice of surveying.

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