Surveyors Board of Queensland Open Data Strategy


The Surveyors Board of Queensland administers the Surveyors Act 2003 on behalf of the Minister for Natural Resources and Mines.

The Board’s objectives are to provide protection of the public and to maintain the standard of practice of surveyors in Queensland by administering the competency, registration and professional conduct requirements.

Strategic Overview

The types of information held by the Board include:

Data Set Name

  • List of Registered Persons


  • Board Minutes
  • Competency frameworks for registration
  • Code of Practice
  • Complaints procedure
  • Policies & Guidelines
  • Annual Reports
  • Communiques
  • Registration Forms

Note: All of the above records, except the Board Minutes, are available on the Board’s website.

Data Sets

The Board has assessed its data and plans to release one data set.

Dataset Name Description Frequency of Update
Registered Persons Current list of persons registered by the Board, including registration categories and location Approximately 6-weekly

List as of January 2023

Registered Surveyors
Registered Corporations