Oral Presentation

Competency assessment by Oral Presentation is an alternative to preparing the conventional Career Episode Reports (CERs) when making application to the Board for registration as a Surveyor. Applicants with a number of years of experience and sufficient documentary evidence to demonstrate competency in all elements and descriptors of the framework are encouraged to apply to use the Oral presentation method.

The oral assessment process is summarised as follows –

The applicant is required to:

  • demonstrate they have the skills and experience to undertake an oral assessment;
  • submit a portfolio of evidence containing a description of projects, supporting evidence, an executive summary and a copy of proposed presentation;
  • deliver a presentation demonstrating skills and understanding in the elements of the framework (30 minutes) to a panel of two Board members or their representatives;
  • respond to panel questions (90 minutes) providing additional discussion and evidence to satisfy all elements of the framework; and
  • demonstrate you are a suitable person for registration by showing a professional approach to your presentation and work practices.

Please refer to the Board’s Policy for Competency Assessment by Oral Presentation and ensure all the steps are followed.

Refer to the following documents for additional guidance for Surveying Graduates preparing Oral Presentation for the Surveyor Framework Assessment:

Step One – Executive Summary and Evidence

Prepare an executive summary that relates the documentary evidence required to demonstrate competency with the descriptors of the framework. The executive summary will include a brief description of at least three (3) projects. Each line of the executive summary is to contain reference to a project in the “evidence” column and a description of a proposed supporting document in the “documents” column.

Refer to Guidelines to develop an Oral Presentation and Template Surveyor Executive Summary

 Step Two – Submit an Application for Competency Assessment

The initial application submitted to the Board is to include:

  • an application for assessment form (Form 09A);
  • the assessment fee;
  • a comprehensive CV to demonstrate the applicant has sufficient skills and experience; and
  • an executive summary which provides links between the elements of the framework and the proposed evidence.

The Board will review the application and advise if the oral presentation will proceed or if further evidence is required.

Step Three – Develop the Presentation and submit portfolio of evidence

Develop the formal presentation and prepare the final portfolio of evidence for submission.

The documentation listed below is required to be submitted four (4) weeks prior to the interview date to allow for the assessors to review the material prior to the presentation.

  • The portfolio of evidence, 3 hard copies and an electronic copy.
  • The formal presentation (hardcopy, PowerPoint, other software format or combination of these).
  • Supporting documentation (logically organised and indexed).
  • Executive summary.

Step Four – Delivering the Presentation

It is at the discretion of the applicant how to deliver the presentation e.g. hardcopy, PowerPoint, other software format or a combination of these.  Applicants are advised that it is difficult to deliver the presentation on an element by element approach as there is not enough time to cover the entire framework in sufficient detail within the 30-minute timeframe. The applicant should consider discussing a number of projects in the presentation. All elements of the framework should be covered in the projects discussed. It is critical for the applicant to undertake trial presentations prior to the assessment to ensure the material can be delivered in the 30-minute timeframe.

Step Five – Panel Questions

A 90-minute question and answer session will follow where the assessing panel may request further explanation of aspects of the presentation including the extent of the applicant’s involvement in the projects. The panel will also discuss elements of the framework that may not have been adequately covered by the initial presentation. The applicant should ensure they have sufficient projects/material on hand to provide examples and evidence of competency in all elements of the framework.