Boundary Reinstatement

The Board has recently received a number of complaints from Surveyors regarding the quality of boundary reinstatement. In particular, where the frontage of the subject block has been established and deed angle & distances have been accepted without the appropriate supporting evidence.

The Board’s position is that Surveyors are required to prove the depth of parcels based on the best evidence available. It is not sufficient to adopt deed dimensions without ensuring that the rights of the adjoining owners have not be affected

The Board reminds Surveyors of the requirements under sections 3.33.1 and 3.33.2 of the Cadastral Survey Requirements v8.00.  Extracts are shown below: 

3.33.1 Cadastral Reinstatement Standard

In conducting a cadastral survey which reinstates existing cadastral boundaries (this does not apply to compiled plans or plans of subdivisions of existing building format lots), a surveyor must:

  • take account of the rights of all parties affected by the reinstatement

3.33.2 Cadastral Reinstatement Guideline 

In determining the reinstatement of a boundary a surveyor will usually:

  • not reinstate boundaries solely on the basis of dimensions, without

considering the existence of physical evidence (for example: fixing the depth of

parcels at a previously surveyed distance, or the direction of side boundaries of

a parcel at a previously surveyed direction, without searching for original

marks or occupation);

These requirements apply to all cadastral surveys, including identification surveys.  They are requirements under cadastral standards and as such they limit, in some instances, a Surveyor’s ability to apply discretion when making cadastral reinstatement decisions.     

Surveyors are encouraged to review the current requirements of section 3.33 Reinstatement of boundaries of the Cadastral Survey Requirements v8.00.

The Board will continue to monitor this situation and where appropriate contact Surveyors asking for a written explanation as to why these requirements have not been met.