Our Board Members

Membership of Board

(1) The Board must consist of nine individuals,

(2) Subject to subsection (1), a regulation may require the Board to consist of individuals with particular qualifications or experience or who hold a particular type of position,

(3) The members must be appointed by the Governor in Council,

(4) A person may hold office as a member in conjuction with a public service office.


The Board must consist of –

  • three cadastral surveyors;
  • one other cadastral surveyor employed in the Department;
  • one surveyor with a mining registration endorsement;
  • one surveyor directly involved in teaching surveying; and
  • one other surveyor.

Two Board members represent the interests of the community generally in the conduct and practice of the profession.


Peter Murphy – Chair

B.Surv (UQ), FSSSI, Reg Surv (Cad, Eng, Cons), GAICD

Peter is a Director and an owner of consulting survey and town planning firm Brazier Motti which operates across North Queensland. He graduated with a Bachelor of Surveying from the University of Queensland in 1979 and has subsequently obtained additional postgraduate qualifications in Surveying and Mapping Studies from UQ, and is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Peter commenced his professional career with the Australian Government moving to private practice in 1991.

Glenn Campbell – Chief Examiner

B.Sc., B.App.Sc (Surv), PhD, Reg Surv (Cad)

Glenn currently lectures in surveying and spatial science at the University of Southern Queensland. He is a Registered Cadastral Surveyor with experience in urban and rural practice.


Michael Arnold – Complaints Convenor

B.App.Sc (Surv), Reg Surv (Cad, Cons)

Mike holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying) degree and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Town Planning and is a registered consulting cadastral surveyor. He is a director and member of the Regional Management Group of the Spatial Industries Business Association, a member of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute and a member of the Urban Development Institute of Australia.  Mike works on the Gold Coast in his own business Arnold Development Consultants and has over 25 years experience in the surveying/spatial sciences industry.

Alasdair Begley – Renewals Convenor

B.App.Sc (Surv), Reg Surv (Cad)

Alasdair holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying) degree and an Executive MBC from the Queensland University of Technology.  Alasdair is a registered cadastral surveyor and a Board member of Queensland Spatial and Surveying Association, and a member of the Spatial Industry Business Association, Urban Development Institute of Australia and the Property Council of Australia. Alasdair is the Managing Director of the Saunders Havill Group in Brisbane and has over 15 years of surveying experience.

Soledad Rodriguez

B.Surv (UN), Reg Surv (Cad)

Soledad holds a Bachelor of Surveying degree from University of Newcastle (NSW) and has a Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning from UQ. She is a registered cadastral surveyor working with the Department of Transport and Main Roads. She has over 25 years experience, with the last 15 years supporting transport engineering projects.

Ken Cross

Grad Dip Spatial Science (USQ), A.I.M.S (member), Reg Surv (Min O, Min UC, Min UM, Eng)

Ken is a Mine Surveyor who has worked extensively in the Bowen Basin over the past 40 years. During this time he also worked on several large infrastructure and engineering projects in Queensland.

Ken was an Officer in the Australian Army with 1st Topographic Survey Squadron for 10 years and he is a Director of the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors.

Neesha Pierce

BA (UQ), LLB, LLM (QUT), JP (Qual)

Neesha is admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of Queensland and holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws.  Neesha initially worked as a dispute resolution lawyer in private practice before making the move in-house. She is currently employed as General Counsel and Company Secretary with a finance company where she is responsible for the legal, compliance, risk, internal audit and the company secretariat functions for the Group.   She has extensive experience across a number of industries including banking and finance, healthcare, property and in the debt collection industry.

Leeanne Bou-Samra


Leeanne holds a Bachelor of Laws and was admitted to practice as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 1988.  The majority of her work is and has been in private practice as a specialist in Planning and Environmental Law. Additionally,  Leeanne has a substantial general commercial litigation background in Queensland jurisdictions, acting for a variety of clients, and routinely appearing as solicitor advocate in complex litigation. Leeanne has a well-earned reputation for developing cost effective, tailored legal and commercial solutions for her clients.