Our Mission

The Board aims to ensure public confidence in the profession of surveying. The mission shall be achieved through administration of the Act and meeting/implementing the following corporate objectives:


To encourage educational institutions to ensure that their programs achieve an appropriate level of academic standard in surveying.


To encourage the development of training programs that will deliver appropriate levels of accredited professional competence in surveying.


To implement, apply and maintain a competency framework for registration that recognises the responsibilities of surveyors as well as the diverse manner by which the knowledge, skills and abilities can be achieved.

Maintaining Competence of Surveyors

To encourage industry bodies to provide programs that assist surveyors to maintain their competence.


To ensure that the community’s confidence in the surveying profession is maintained by ensuring all registrants maintain an appropriate level of competency.

Conduct and Professionalism

To adopt and maintain a Code of Practice about appropriate professional conduct, in consultation with key stakeholders, to meet community expectations.

Complaints and Discipline

To efficiently and effectively manage all complaints made against surveyors to maintain community confidence in the surveying profession. To implement effective investigatory and disciplinary procedures dealing with breaches of the Surveyors Act 2003.

Government Legislation

To provide proactive advice to government on existing and proposed legislation relevant to surveyors and the community.


To administer the Board’s functions with accountability, probity and in an ethical manner such that the community and the profession obtain maximum benefit from the Board’s functions and resources. To obtain funding which reflects the beneficiaries of the Board’s activities.