BC120911 – Issue 3

BC120911 – Issue 3

September 2011

Training Advocate

After receiving numerous applications for the position of Training Advocate, the Board resolved to appoint a selection committee consisting of Board members, including one of the Board’s community representatives, and non board members from the profession.  Mr Phil Pozzi of SSSI’s  Land Surveying Commission and Mr Lee Hellen a former member of SSSI’s Young Professionals accepted invitations to the selection committee and provided both independence and an opportunity for industry involvement in selecting the best candidate for this new and important role.

The selection committee held interviews with a number of applicants, which highlighted the qualities and different skill sets each applicant possessed. The selection committee unanimously agreed that one applicant best met all the selection criteria and could offer both the Board and the profession the value of his surveying skills and experience.

Mr Jim Liddle has been appointed as Training Advocate and will commence in the position in late September or early October 2011. Jim’s term as a Board member will conclude once the Minister announces a replacement Board member.

Jim has operated his own surveying practice, and has cadastral, engineering and consulting endorsements. Jim will bring extensive and varied experience to the role. In particular, his experience in dealing with candidates for registration in his role as chief examiner gives him a good understanding of some of the challenges facing them.

The role of the Training Advocate is to,

  • identify impediments to progression via discussion forums with both graduates and surveyors;
  • offer guidance and assistance to graduates and employers where appropriate or requested;
  • assist registration applicants with any issues of concern; and
  • develop and facilitate training in general.

The Board acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of Mr Phil Pozzi and Mr Lee Hellen during the selection process and looks forward to the professions acceptance and support of the Training Advocate role.