September 2012

September 2012

New Webpage

The Board has developed a new webpage which has been designed to simplify the location and presentation of information.  The new site is in two separate and distinct parts, Public Access and Surveyor Access. The Public Access component of the site contains all the public information about surveying and the role of the Board.  A separate Surveyor Access has been created to provide information about the Competency Frameworks, Career Episode Reports, Registration and Board Publications specific to surveying and is for all those working within the surveying industry.

New Web and Email Address

With the development of the new website the Board took the opportunity to simplify and shorten the web address to   The Board’s email address has now changed to  Access via the old web address or old email address will automatically be redirected.  The Board anticipates that over time the new web and email address will become readily known and accepted.

New Logo

The Board has taken took the opportunity to align the website development with a new logo.  Below is the new logo and its reverse image.