Tuesday 19 February 2013

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Draft Competency Frameworks – Consultation

The Board has now released the new draft mining competency frameworks. The profession is invited to provide written submissions and comments by 28 February 2013.  A special email address has been created to receive comments on the draft frameworks at cf@sbq.com.au.  Due to the delayed release of the draft mining frameworks if you are unable to provide your comments by 28 February 2013 please contact the Board office.
All other draft competency frameworks were released in December 2012 and the opportunity to provide comments on all draft frameworks closes on 28 February 2013.

Once the profession’s comments have been reviewed by the Board and the revised competency frameworks approved, the Board will communicate widely with the profession regarding changes to the frameworks and assessment processes.


Renewal of Registration

The majority of registrants have renewed their registration with the Board.  Unfortunately a number of registrants have not renewed their registration or made contact with the Board. If your firm has a new employee it may be beneficial to confirm if the new employee has renewed their registration with the Board and or notified the Board of their new contact details. The Board takes this opportunity to remind all registrants it is their responsibility to maintain their registration and notify the Board of any change of address or contact details.

GNSS Guidelines for Cadastral Surveys

The Board has now released the GNSS Guidelines for Cadastral Surveys. After receiving feedback from the profession during the consultation phase a number of comments were accepted and amendments made to the draft guidelines. The amended Guidelines were approved by the Board at the January 2013 Board meeting.