Registration Renewals

17 December 2015

Renewal of Registration for 2016

The Board takes this opportunity to remind registrants who have not yet submitted the relevant documents or paid the registration fee that your registration expires on 31 December 2015. The Board reminds registrants it is their responsibility to apply for renewal of registration.   If you require a copy of your renewal documents please contact the Board office.  Late fees apply for renewal applications lodged after 1 December 2015.

A reminder is also provided that the performance of cadastral work while not registered represents a breach of the Surveyors Act 2003.

Once the registration process has been completed a confirmation email is sent to all registrants.

The Board is pleased to advise that the majority of registrants had renewed their registration for 2016 by the due date of 30 November 2015.


Surveying Graduates

The surveying graduate competency framework requires surveying graduates to have developed a postgraduate training plan and then develop their professional skills in accordance with the training plan.

The Board is pleased that the majority of surveying graduates have met the requirements of the framework and submitted evidence to demonstrate the professional skills and experience they are gaining.  However, a number of surveying graduates have not provided any documentary evidence to the Board and have been formally advised by the Board their registration for renewal can’t be finalised until the requirements of the surveying graduate competency framework have been complied with.