3dQLD Roadmap Briefing

9 May 2017

The  joint government and private industry Three Dimensional Queensland Taskforce (3dQLD), was tasked with defining a roadmap from the current centuries old land surveying practice and law, to a modernised, efficient system suitable to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Modern technology now permits 3D digital positional certainty of property boundaries and associated Rights, Responsibilities and Restrictions.  Enhanced spatial data is now readily available to assist with more efficient and accurate public and private decision making. The 3D model provides the foundational data framework on which Building Information Models, Infrastructure asset models and a myriad of other digital spatial models can be incorporated with positional integrity.

The linked brochure outlines the progress to date and highlights how important the Phase 2 roadmap is to the Queensland government and industry.  The briefing was presented Friday 28th April 2017 to a group of key industry delegates from government and private enterprise.

More information can be found on the 3dQLD website at 3dqld.org/.