Changes to Assessment of Cadastral Endorsement Competency

At its meeting on 2nd December 2021 the Board approved changes to the assessment of Cadastral Endorsement Competency.  These changes come after the completion of a pilot program in November 2021.   

The Board would like to thank the seven surveyors who participated in the pilot program and it is pleased to announce that all seven surveyors were successful in obtaining their cadastral endorsement.

The pilot program involved two stages – the stages were conducted on consecutive days:

Stage 1 – Cadastral Survey Portfolio:  Each candidate was asked to provide a portfolio of 30 cadastral plans and answered questions the assessors had in relation to measurement techniques, field observations and checks.  Assessors were free to question the candidate on any element in relation to the conduct of the surveys. 

Stage 2 – Oral ExamThe assessors were free to question the candidate on any element in relation to Cadastral Framework Elements 2, 8 and 9.  Questions that were asked related to:

•         The operation of the titling system

•         Encroachment, improvement under mistake in title and relief

•         The definition of land and its vertical extents

•         Crown actions

•         Subdivision and material change of use

•         Lot design

The new assessment process will replace the old assessment process during 2022.  The Board’s expectation is that the new process will lead to a timelier assessment of cadastral endorsement competencies and reduce the burden placed on applicants.

The Board will provide more detail regarding the new assessment process and seek formal applications from interested candidates in the new year.