Certification of As-Constructed Plans

Since early 2023, the Board has been actively liaising with local governments and utility organisations regarding who can provide a ‘Registered Surveyors Certification’ for an ‘As-Constructed’ plan.  The Board has now informed all local governments and utility organisations of the four levels of surveyor registration in Queensland:

  • Registered Surveyor with Endorsement
    • Registered Surveyor
    • Registered Surveying Graduate
    • Registered Surveying Associate

One of the concerns that the Board has is that ‘As-Constructed’ plans are being certified by Queensland registered surveyors who hold a lower level of registration than Registered Surveyor.  The Board considers it to be unprofessional conduct if a person who is not a Registered Surveyor signs a certification headed ‘Registered Surveyors Certification’.

For a Registered Surveyor to be registered in Queensland, it requires a surveying qualification and satisfactory assessment of their skills and knowledge by the Board.  A Registered Surveyor has the training and skills to provide the certification required by a local government or utility. 

Importantly, an ‘As-Constructed’ plan may certify boundary offsets which raises the question how the offset was determined? If the boundary has been identified in order to determine the offset then legislation requires a Registered Surveyor with a Cadastral Endorsement to identify the boundary and provide the certification. 

When a Queensland registered surveying corporation is providing the certification of an ‘As-Constructed’ plan then any Public Officer of the corporation (ie. Director or Company Secretary) can sign on behalf of a corporation.  In addition, any Authorised Delegate can sign on behalf of a corporation.