Surveying Graduate – Progression Requirements

The surveying graduate competency framework requires a surveying graduate to develop a postgraduate training plan and demonstrate they are engaged in postgraduate training on accordance with their training plan.

  • After the first renewal of registration there is a requirement to develop a PTP documenting skills developed to date, and setting out a proposed schedule of future development and submit your PTP to the Board by 30 September of that year.
  • After two (2) years of registration, surveying graduates will commence either the oral presentation process (via approval of an application supported by an executive summary), or submitting progressive CERs.
  • Thereafter a minimum requirement of continuing to lodge CERs each year if an application for an oral presentation has not been accepted, plus an updated PTP.
  • Non submission of a CER after three years may lead to an interview with two Board members to seek an explanation why no evidence of progress toward surveyor registration has been provided and to discuss options for progression to surveyor.
  • Surveying graduates who have not commenced submitting CERs after three years of registration and do not intend to progress, should consider applying for registration as a surveying associate.
  • Evidence of progression is required to be lodged by 30 September of each year.