Board Forms

The following Publications and Resources are provided in PDF format, to download, save and print. These documents can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please note: If you are applying to be a Surveying Associate, Surveying Graduate or for Reciprocal Registration, you will need to provide two (2) recent character references with your application.

The two character references must meet the following criteria:

  • are to be written by people who have known you for a period of at least two (2) years;
  • are not to be written and signed by a relative;
  • only one reference from your current employer will be accepted; and
  • duplicated references signed by different people will not be accepted.

Please be advised that applications for consulting endorsements and for new corporate registrations are required to be tabled for approval at Board Meetings. Please see the Board Meetings dates for 2020 here.

Application for Registration Forms

SACA – Surveying Associate Competency Assessment
(120 KB Word)

01A – Application for Surveying Associate
(78 KB PDF)

02A – Application for Surveying Graduate
(78 KB PDF)

03A – Application for Surveyor
(90 KB PDF)

04A – Application for Endorsement Only
(94 KB PDF)

05A – Application for Reciprocal Registration
(102 KB PDF)

06A – Application for Corporate Registration
(131 KB PDF)

07A – Application for Emeritus
(98 KB PDF)

08A – Application for Consulting Endorsement
(90 KB PDF)

09A – Application for Competency Assessment – Surveyor
(78 KB PDF)

09B – Application for Competency Assessment – Mining & Engineering Endorsement
(78 KB PDF)

09C – Application for Competency Assessment – Cadastral
(116 KB PDF)

10A – Application for Restoration to the Register
(94 KB PDF)

22A – Assessment of Overseas Qualifications
(74 KB PDF)


ASIBA Assessment Guidelines – Consulting Endorsement
(20 KB PDF)

ASIBA Assessment Guidelines – Corporation Registration
(29 KB PDF)

17A – Application for Professional Assessment Project
(74 KB PDF)

18A – Notification for Change of Individual Registrant Details
(78 KB PDF)

18B – Notification for Change of Corporation Registration Details
(119 KB PDF)

19A – Replacement or Duplicate Registration Certificate
(82 KB PDF)

21A – Application for Letter of Accreditation
(135 KB PDF)

Renewal Forms

Online renewal forms are prepared and sent to each registered person via email. Do not use the samples provided below – these are from previous years and are published to meet the requirements of the Statutory Instruments Act.  These renewals are due by 30th November each year.  If you have not received your renewal form, please contact the Board on 07 3839 7744, or send a request via email to

Renewal of Registration – Surveyor

Renewal of Registration – Corporation