Steps to an Endorsement – Cadastral

After registration as a Surveyor a registrant may choose to seek a specialist cadastral endorsement.

This will involve two interviews conducted on consecutive days on a weekend.  There will be three (3) appointed Board assessors conducting the interviews.  The assessors will be registered cadastral surveyors of at least five (5) years standing. At least one of the assessors will be a Board Member.

More information on the process can be found at Cadastral Endorsement Competency Assessment – Explanatory Notes

Candidates who wish to apply for a Cadastral Endorsement can request an application form by sending an email to the Board at

Steps to an Endorsement – Mining & Engineering

After registration as a Surveyor a registrant may choose to seek a specialist mining or engineering endorsement.

The process to gain an mining or engineering endorsement is set out below.

  1. Complete an Activity Planning Sheet (APS) or Executive Summary
  2. Submit an Application for Competency Assessment – Endorsement
  3. Satisfactorily complete CERs or an Oral Presentation
  4. Satisfactorily complete a Professional Assessment Project (PAP)
  5. Board Interview

If multiple mining or engineering endorsements are to be sought, the process must be followed for each endorsement sought.

Guidelines to seeking an endorsement – Mining & Engineering

1. Complete an Activity Planning Sheet (APS)

The APS can be a separate document or form part of an executive summary. Applicants are welcome to use their own format, or the planning page included in the Executive Summary developed by the Board.

The APS/executive summary is an opportunity for the applicant and their supervisor to identify current work experience and what further skills and experience are required in order to demonstrate competence against the relevant endorsement framework. The APS should address such things as timeframes, mentoring/training, work portfolio, potential work limitations and how they will be addressed.

The supervisor is required to be a Board registered surveyor with the endorsement the applicant is seeking.

2. Submit Application for Competency Assessment

The applicant submits an Application for Competency Assessment – Endorsement (Form 09B) with their first progressive CER submission or initial application to undertake an oral presentation. The application must be accompanied by an APS/executive summary signed by both the applicant and their supervisor, a current resume, and be accompanied by the prescribed fee.

Listed below are executive summary templates for the respective endorsements.

Executive Summary – Engineering Endorsement

Executive Summary – Mining O Endorsement

Executive Summary – Mining UC Endorsement

Executive Summary – Mining UM Endorsement

The Board will write to the Surveyor to confirm acceptance of the application for competency assessment and if applicable advise the dates when oral presentations will be held.  The maximum period that the Board will hold a competency assessment matter open will be five (5) years.

3. Lodgement of CER or Oral Presentation

3a CER Lodgement

The applicant may either submit their Career Episode Reports (CER) progressively or all at one time. CER’s must be validated by the applicant’s supervisor and be supported by documentary evidence. Each CER submission will be accompanied by an executive summary, which will outline the materials submitted and which elements of the competency framework have been addressed.

If the agreed timeframe is to be exceeded then the applicant must negotiate an extension of time with the Chief Examiner of the Board, prior to the lapsing of the initial timeframe. These extensions are purely at the Board’s discretion.

3b Oral Presentation

If the applicant has considerable industry experience, the applicant has the option to do an oral presentation to demonstrate endorsement competency.

The applicant will present to the Board panel, followed by a question and answer session. The presentation will allow the applicant to demonstrate their competence over all the descriptors of the relevant endorsement competency framework by reference to projects carried out by the applicant. Evidence of the applicant’s involvement in the projects discussed will form part of the presentation. The Competency Assessment by Oral Presentation – Procedure should be reviewed.

4. Professional Assessment Project (PAP)

Once all units and elements of the endorsement competency framework have been satisfactorily addressed by the applicant, an application for a Professional Assessment Project (PAP) may be lodged with the Board along with the prescribed fee.  The PAP is to be completed within two years of the relevant endorsement framework being assessed.  Refer to the PAP Procedure for the process.

The Board acknowledges that some PAPs are delayed for numerous reasons. The Board accepts it is possible to be working on multiple projects at the same time as part of a PAP e.g. doing the field work and preparing plans for one project, while seeking planning approval for another current project. The Board requires that if multiple components to a project are adopted this is communicated with and accepted by the Board appointed Examiner if not incorporated in the initial application.

The Board will notify approval of the PAP and nominate the Board appointed Examiner. The Chief Examiner will request an interview with the applicant, their supervisor, and examiner to ensure all parties fully understand their respective roles and scope of the project.

5. Board Interview

On satisfactory completion of the PAP, the applicant is required to attend an interview with board members and or representatives nominated by the board. The interview will usually address elements of the project and seek explanations why certain decisions were made or actions taken.

After the interview a recommendation will be made to the Board whether the registration endorsement is to be approved or what further information is required.